Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck Dinner


Front Restaurant

Bebek Bengil – it means Dirty Duck in Indonesian and was one of the restaurants we visited during our trip to the Bali. Despite any insinuations that you might gather from the name itself, the story behind the name itself is quite cute. The way the story goes is that when the restaurant was first built, they struggled to find a suitable name for it until a flock of ducks flew in from a nearby rice field and left muddy webbed footprints all over the place. These ‘dirty ducks’ have been considered the restaurant’s first ‘guests’ and so the restaurant was named.

Hands down one of the BEST dining experience we had while we were in Bali, was at Bebek Bengil, or more commonly known as Dirty Duck Diner in Ubud town of Bali. Tourists from all over the globe have stepped into, cracked some duck’s bones, and subsequently sworn allegiance to the 19 years old restaurant, situated in Padang Tegal, in the heart of Ubud town.

Bebek Bengil not only serves Balinese specialties, but also various Western-influenced delights, such as fish & chips, sandwiches, pastas and even pork ribs. The fettucine with cream sauce was a tad disappointing, with the creaminess being nothing but empty promises. The sauce was diluted, and the chunks of marlin (a type of trout) provided much briny flavour to the pasta, which might be misintepreted as salty to some.